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Recruitment Methodology:
We practice the recruitment methodology to develop the transparent, smoother and ethical recruitment to the employers.

A. Candidates Sourcing Channel:

  • CV collection using other Nepal based online job portal- Aspire Jobs
  • Maintain a huge CV pool with the wider range of updated CVs
  • Publishing advertisement in the print and online media to invite the specific candidates


B. Candidate Screening:

  • Document screening as per the job requirements
  • Candidate interaction by the recruitment team and the job counselor
  • Creating candidate's individual profile

C. Candidate Line Up:
For the Head hunt:

  • Line up of the candidates based on the availability using sourcing channel
  • In case of Highly skilled and technical position using freelance recruiter from the specific industry for the primary screening
  • Line up candidates to the client representative on 1:2 to 3 ratio after the completion of the primary screening by the recruitment team


For the Mass Recruitment:

  • Inviting candidates using all the sourcing channel for the walk-in interview
  • Shortlisting candidates based on the employer's requirements
  • In case of Highly Skilled and technical positions, using freelance recruiter from the respective industry
  • Pre-interview orientation to the lined up candidates prior to the interview with employer.
  • General line up ratio 1:2 for each position/vacancies.

D. Confirmation of Candidate's Selection:

  • Distribution of the candidate's selection updates to the Job Seekers using formal written notification using Email/SMS or written acknowledgement
  • Sharing job offer letter immediate after the receiving from Employers.

E. Pre-visa medical fitness test:

  • Candidates those accept job offer shall be proceed medical fitness test immediately as per the employer's suggestions (Medical fitness certificates and the tests can be different based on the countries of employment)

F. Requisition for the visa Application:

  • Immediate after the confirmation of the medical fitness test, the candidates having their report: FIT TO WORK" shall be suggested for the visa application.

G. Deployment Formalities:

  • Pre-departure formalities shall be completed for the visa issued candidates such as: government approval for the departure, pre-departure insurance, pre-departure orientation by the government agencies.
  • Confirmation of Joining date/ confirmation of Flight ticket
  • Deployment